Halcyon Night

Halcyon Night is a first person exploration puzzle game which tasks the player with repairing the Museum of Supernatural History. Following a disastrously out of hand party by the Wizarding Union, the state of the museum can only be described as ruinous. By utilizing magic and photos taken during the party, you have the ability to open portals into the past, changing events and retrieving artifact shards. Press through the debris to restore the museum to its formal glory!

I created Halcyon Night as a senior thesis at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. As a culmination of 4 years of knowledge and work, I wanted to showcase the skills in game design, game art, and project management with a solo development project. Halycon Night was created over the course of two semesters in Unity 2019.3.  From the code to the environments, shaders to broken objects, everything was either created personally or through a custom pipeline.

© 2020 By Grant Doney

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