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Grave Shadows is a third person mystery adventure game following Colton Graves, a former cop turned private eye. After a horrendous accident nearly kills him, Graves finds himself somewhere between life and death, imbued with the ability to merge into shadows. 

Grave Shadows was built in Unity3D by a team of 6 in under 5 months.


Grave Shadows was initially created for the semester long Game Development 2 class at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. After 4 months of development, we started showcasing at festivals and conventions, culminating in exhibiting  at E3 2019 as a finalist in the College Game Competition. 


Grave Shadows received a soft release on, receiving a positive response. We are currently working towards a final release on Steam. 


Grant Doney - Lead Artist and Producer

Jordan Faas-Bush - Lead Programmer

Simon Hopkins - Gameplay Programmer

Eric Franco - Programmer

Zack Schwartz - Writer

Amy Schumacher - Writer

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I worked as the producer and lead artist, working on level design, character assets, environmental assets, UI elements, and sprites while also delegating tasks and maintaining focus. I created all 3D assets seen in game as well character rigs, animations, and some sound effects. I worked closely with the programmers and writers to create user friendly assets that fit into the world we were creating.  

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Halcyon Night

Halcyon Night is a first person exploration game, tasking the player with repairing The Museum of Supernatural History after the First Annual Wizarding Union Celebration. High spirits, strong drinks, and the arcane arts mixed in an unfortunate stew of property damage and vandalism. Utilizing their ability to peer through windows in time, the player must alter events and reassemble pricless artifacts.

Currently unnamed, my senior thesis was programmed, designed, and modeled by me in Unity 2019.

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Developed for Creative Seminar, a year long thesis development class, this thesis project will be completed for mid April 2020. Linked below are a detailed project proposal and a work in progress demo.

Beta Release


Pochemuchka is a 5 player hidden identity game played on a custom wooden board. Players send messages to each other by sending simple either/or questions, visualized with LED trains. 3 players are townspeople, using a keyword to identify spies. The other 2 players are the spies, using a set of codewords to avoid detection. Townspeople must unanimously identify the spies before time runs out.


Pochemuchka was built over 4 weeks with a team of 5.

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Developed for Experimental Game Design at RPI, Pochemuchka was designed to encourage nonverbal communication through a reliance on short questions. Players type out their questions keypads similar to phones, leading to much slower message creation. Once sent, the message would travel around the board as a LED strip until stopped by its intended recipient. When stopped, the message would print out using a small thermal printer.

While each segment of the game was divided among the team members, game design decisions were reached through committee.


Grant Doney - Table Designer

Jordan Faas-Bush - User Input Programmer

Simon Hopkins - Networking Programmer

Nicholas Smith - LED Programmer

Jenny Bourke - Artist

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Demo Video

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